Lenny Kravitz: Strutting Into the Future

by Ronald A. Rowe September 29th, 2014
Lenny Kravtiz started his career unconventionally by self-producing his first album because the big record labels just weren’t ready for him.  They got ready really fast and a bidding war quickly erupted over the young phenom.  Now that Kravitz has established himself as the face of funk-rock and has more money than he could ever spend, he is going back to his independent roots.  Kravitz fulfilled his long-term contract with Virgin Records when he released Black and White America in 2011.  Rather than renewing his contract with Virgin or shopping his talents to the other big labels, Kravitz decided
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Lenny Kravitz

Featured Artist

Featured Artist – Defining Lenny Kravtiz

by Ronald A. Rowe September 22nd, 2014 | Featured Artist
How do you define the music of Lenny Kravitz?  Many have tried to apply a hyphenated appellation to Kravitz’s cross-genre sound.  Wikipedia, bastion of accuracy that it is, categorizes Kravitz’s music as “Rock, funk rock, hard rock, neo-psychedelia, neo soul”.  That lengthy, genre-bending description meshes with everything else about the label-defying Kravitz.  His occupation is listed as “Composer, singer-songwriter, musician, music producer, arranger, actor, interior designer, clothing designer” while his instrumental mastery list includes vocals, guitar, bass, drums, harmonica,
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  • Album Review – The Modern Electric

    by Jason Lightner September 26th, 2014 | Album Review
    Out of Cleveland, Ohio, comes The Modern Electric, a cinematic pop quartet aiming to shake up the current pop landscape with their infectious and powerfully driven pop anthems. Comprised of Garrett Komyati on vocals, piano, and guitar; Matthew Childers on bass and drums; Michael O'Brien on drums; and Holden Laurence on guitar, this group draws on a wide variety of influences and inspirations in an effort to craft timeless and spellbinding music.

    "Equally influenced by Spoon, The Killers and ELO as they are Annie Hall and The Graduate, their music plays out like a soundtrack to a coming-of-age

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  • Artist Review – 5J Barrow Mixes Music and Drama

    by Ronald A. Rowe September 25th, 2014 | Artist Review
    5J Barrow is a folk-rock band from New York City.  Lead vocalists Eryn Murman and Jason Hite bring with them a strong background in musical theater that shines through in a distinctly different genre.  Hite also plays guitar while Eric Namaky contributes on the keyboard.  Violinist Michael Hunter, drummer Ian Hunt, and bassist Hayden Frank round out the sextet that is 5J Barrow.

    5J Barrow manages the difficult task of balancing between the folk and rock influences.  More than just balancing them, the band fuses the two seemingly contradictory styles into a sound that is decidedly folk but carries the
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