Get Torche-d

by J Frazzetta December 1st, 2016
It isn’t very often that I can recall when I first heard a new sound that interested me so much, Avid Reader, and this is one of those unique cases.  Back in early September when my mother’s health was failing her, I needed to do something normal to keep
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Reviews – Two For One: Prince Albums

by Ronald A. Rowe November 3rd, 2016
It isn’t every day that Prince releases an album.  It is a rare thing, but not unprecedented.  But for Prince to release two entirely different albums on the same day… well, that’s something that has never been done before.  And isn’t likely to happen again.  But on the 30th day of September this year, Prince released a solo album, Art Official Age, and a collaboration with his all-female touring band, Plectumelectrum.  

Art Official Age represents a reconciliation of sorts
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U2: The Road to Success

by Ronald A. Rowe October 6th, 2016
Today’s pop stars are often pre-packaged, corporately-backed creations or overnight sensations.  In the age of the internet the path to superstardom is not easy, but for the chosen few it is faster and more direct than it once was.  It’s easy to forget that there was a time when a quartet of Irish teenagers had to slog through a long and tedious path to reach international acclaim.  The story of U2 is a story of the old-school path to
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  • Lenny Kravitz, the American Dream

    by Ronald A. Rowe September 1st, 2016
    Lenny Kravitz is the American dream.  He – personally and professionally - epitomizes the melting pot that America was meant to be and his music is a smooth synthesis of many genres.  Kravitz himself is a mixture of Ukrainian, Jewish, Russian, African, Bahamian, and American heritage.  His music combines influences from R&B, Jazz, Classical, Opera, Gospel, Blues, Rock (including Hard Rock and Psychedelic Rock as well as their more
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  • August Artist of the Month: Eric Clapton

    by Ronald A. Rowe August 4th, 2016
    Eric Clapton is universally recognized as one of the – if not THE – greatest guitar players in the world.  He’s been called Slowhand, King Cool, Del, Derek, and even God.  Over the course of his 50+ years in the music industry he has collaborated with just about every major blues musician out there and a fair number from every other genre as well, from pop pioneers the Beatles
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  • Al Yankovic: Off to a Weird Start

    by Ronald A. Rowe July 7th, 2016
    His given name is Alfred Matthew Yankovic but you know him as Weird Al.  With the release this month of Yankovic’s 14th studio album, Mandatory Fun, it seems like an opportune time to put him in the focus here as our Artist of the Month.  This week we will start, as most stories do, at the beginning.

    Yankovic’s career started off as something of a joke.  His goofy song parodies
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