Al Yankovic: A Weird New Album

by Ronald A. Rowe July 28th, 2014
Weird Al’s fourteenth studio album, Mandatory Fun, hit the internet (and record stores, too, for you old-fashioned types) July 15th.  It may be his last studio album, depending on whom you ask.  While there is no disagreement about the fact that Yankovic will continue to make his trademark style of parody music for the foreseeable future, there is some reason to think that he will move away from the traditional album format toward a more rapid digital singles model.  Considering how timely the nature of his art is, that would seem like a prudent move.  At this point, no
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Weird Al Yankovic

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Al Yankovic: Weird Music

by Ronald A. Rowe July 21st, 2014 | Featured Artist
Weird Al Yankovic is the best-selling comedy recording artist of all time.  Over the past two weeks we have reviewed his career chronologically (with the occasional detour along the way) here and here.  This week we take a look at the surprisingly diverse and accomplished body of work that Yankovic has produced over the years.

Weird Al’s music can be separated into two categories: direct parodies such as Like a Surgeon and Eat It, and original songs like One More
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  • Sia:1000 Forms of Fear
  • Soundtrack:Frozen
  • Sam Smith:In the Lonely Hour
  • Trey Songz:Trigga
  • Ed Sheeran:X
  • Judas Priest:Redeemer of Souls
  • Various Artists:Now 50
  • Dirty Heads:Sound of Change
  • Miranda Lambert:Platinum
  • Lana Del Rey:Ultraviolence
  • Ab-Soul’s These Days… a New Meaning to Hip-Hop

    by Delaney McMillan July 25th, 2014 | Album Review
    If you are looking for the perfect album to relax to this summer, Ab-Soul's These Days... will help you do just that. This is an authentic hip-hop album that almost has a psychedelic sound to it. Instead of being like any old hip-hop album, Ab-Soul's lyrics are intelligent and completely original. These Days... does not contain a bunch of typical rap lyrics with cussing and talking about the gangster life. Actually, it is a lot about world issues and smart topics. This album just makes you want to lay around in a pool, soak in the sun, and digest
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  • Don’t Kill The Magic Review

    by Sam Tiscia July 24th, 2014 | Artist Review
    When the summer months hit, the days become longer, and trails of sand get caught in my pockets, I get an undeniable need for acoustic covers and reggae jams.  Something about driving with the windows rolled down, dodging long boarders and joggers while simultaneously appreciating the waves crashing on the shore leaves me craving Pepper and Bob Marley Pandora.  While seeking to satisfy my summer thirst, I stumbled across the band Magic! in the early months of April.  Their single, Rude, was inescapably on every beach and sunshine 8-tracks playlist I could find.  As many people are, I am
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