Artist Review – Catie Curtis

by Gary Hays October 30th, 2014
Born and raised in the tiny dot on a road map town of Saco, Maine, and later relocating to the city lights of Boston where she now calls home, I had the immense pleasure of first listening to Catie Curtis with the release of her album Truth from Lies, in 1996. As I struggled and cursed at the shrink wrapped CD cover, I had not the slightest inkling of what lurked inside. The first few cuts almost had me swinging from my macramé chandelier, but when the fourth track, “Dad’s Yard” permeated my drenched and still salivating music sensors,
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U2: Causes, Crusades, and Commendations

by Ronald A. Rowe October 27th, 2014 | Featured Artist
Almost immediately after hitting the big time, the members of U2 – collectively and individually – have taken up numerous charitable causes.  From Band Aid to Live Aid to Self Aid, U2 has been at the forefront.  U2 has championed causes from famine relief to unemployment reform to AIDS awareness.  They have been vocally and publically opposed to war and apartheid.

U2’s activism has put the members of the band in contact with world leaders across the globe, from Nelson
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  • Reviews – Two For One: Prince Albums

    by Ronald A. Rowe October 29th, 2014 | Album Review
    It isn’t every day that Prince releases an album.  It is a rare thing, but not unprecedented.  But for Prince to release two entirely different albums on the same day… well, that’s something that has never been done before.  And isn’t likely to happen again.  But on the 30th day of September this year, Prince released a solo album, Art Official Age, and a collaboration with his all-female touring band, Plectumelectrum.  

    Art Official Age represents a reconciliation of sorts between Prince and Warner Brothers’ record label.  Long time fans will of course remember the dispute between the two that
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  • Prince — Art Official Age

    by Jason Lightner October 24th, 2014 | Album Review
    I used to be a fan of Prince. Prince and the Revolution were one of my favorite bands to listen to as a kid who grew up in the eighties. I had high hopes for his latest album, Art Official Age, after the single "Breakfast Can Wait" debuted with Dave Chapelle gracing the cover art, dressed in a full caricature of the pop icon. This harkens back to a sketch from an early episode of Chapelle's Show in which Prince bests a group of men in half-court basketball and invites them in for pancakes — one hilarious skit, and one worth seeking out.
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