Foo Fighters: The Genesis of Post-Grunge

by Jason Lightner July 1st, 2015
From the still-smouldering ashes of Seattle's former grunge idols, there came a new beacon of rock & roll glory. Just a few short months after the untimely destruction of Nirvana in 1994, music fans bore witness to the birth of Dave Grohl's Foo Fighters. Out of 40 songs
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The Funk Flash

by J Frazzetta June 25th, 2015
When the single "Guerilla Radio" was released in 1999 I wasn’t very impressed, Avid Reader.  My friends were waiting for the next Rage Against the Machine album to be massive but the single started to shake our confidence.  When Battle of Los Angeles did come out I was talking with a friend and neither of us wanted to go out and pick it up that particular Tuesday.  Matter of fact, I didn’t buy the album until I was
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Surfer Blood, Pythons, 2013

by J Frazzetta June 17th, 2015
In early 2010 I picked up Astro Coast and was taken in by the guitar melodies, sophomoric lyrics and overall light vibe of Surfer Blood.  Then they opened for the Pixies, which was fantastic, and now they have returned with a proper second album.  There was an EP in there, I didn’t tell you about it, Avid Reader, but Tarot Classics wasn’t bad and is worth checking out in the future.  Partnering up with producer Gil Norton,
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  • Creed Bratton, Tell Me About It, 2013

    by J Frazzetta June 5th, 2015
    I know what you’re thinking, Avid Reader, and yes this is the same Creed Bratton from The Office.  For nine years he played a rather strange character on a rather strange sitcom but no matter what, I always loved the lines he had on that show.  Throughout the series there was always mention of Creed’s background being in a band and most of that was true.  During the 60’s
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  • Lady Antebellum, Golden

    by Louise June 4th, 2015
    Golden is the fourth studio album by the country music group Lady Antebellum. The album was released on May 7. Lady Antebellum, also known as Lady A, is a trio comprised of vocalist Hillary Scott, vocalist Charles Kelley, and back-up vocalist and instrumentalist Dave Haywood.

    The album starts off with "Get To Me," an easygoing track, which makes for a good introduction to the album. "Goodbye Town" brings Charles Kelley's
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  • Phoenix, Bankrupt!, 2013

    by J Frazzetta June 3rd, 2015
    A lot can be said about this drummer-less French quartet and the way they have managed to inject some life into dance rock.  Lots of synthesizers, catchy guitar riffs and touring drummers have brought them around the world, so when word of their new album came up a few months ago I was very intrigued.  I will admit, Avid Reader, that I grew tired of their radio hits off
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