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Last Minute Entries

by J Frazzetta December 27th, 2011| Album Review, Music Opinions
My resolution for next year is go with my gut.  I had read press before, and plenty after, about all three of these albums, yet I waited and picked them up a week ago to see what the fuss was about.  When I read enough good things about an album, and if my own research holds water, I should just take a chance on it.  You’d think I’d learn by now.  Here are three more that should have been added to my original list.

F’d Up, David Comes to Life – the story: a man name David falls in
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Picking Up Where You Left Off

by Jason Lightner December 23rd, 2011| Music Opinions
Know what's great about being in a newly formed band? Your first technical difficulty during a live show and the sweet taste of victory when it gets sorted out and you continue rockin'.

So there we were, at a local duckpin bowling alley, in the middle of our cover of "Ball and Chain" by Social Distortion when suddenly large amounts of static noise coursed through our lines and filled our PA speakers with the shrill cry of electrons making sweet, sweet love. Prior to this event, there had been a bit of static noise in different moments which I'd originally
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You’re a (Not So) Mean One

by J Frazzetta December 20th, 2011| Independent Artists, Internet Music, Music Opinions
There are countless odes to Santa, Rudolph, grandma, shoes, even donkeys, when it comes to songs for the season.  If it will bring a tear to someone’s eye or a laugh into your throat, chances are it has been sung about in some capacity.  Except for one fellow, and when his name comes up, depending on your age, some folks think of Boris Karloff while others envision Jim Carrey.  That’s right. I’m talking about that fellow whose head wasn’t screwed on quite right, his shoes might have been too tight but it turned out his heart was two sizes too small --
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The Black Keys, El Camino, 2011

by J Frazzetta December 16th, 2011| Album Review, Music Opinions
If I could add another album to my list from last week it would be this one.  Anyone that knows what a real Chevy El Camino looks like should realize the joke that is being played.  However, we’re not here to discuss cars with truck beds -- sorry to disappoint you -- instead we’re going to talk about how The Black Keys capitalized on their success and released some solid jams that will have you strutting down the street.

In 2008 the duo of Dan Auerbach and Pat Carney teamed up with producer Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse,
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Year End Suggestions and Wrap Up

by J Frazzetta December 9th, 2011| Music Opinions, Retail Music
With the holidays approaching you might be asking yourself two things: what albums should I buy that sketchy music geek I know and what are John’s picks of 2011?  Funny you should ask because the answers can be found here in no particular order.

R.E.M. Collapse Into Now was the best way to say goodbye for such a long and storied career.

Glen Campbell Ghost on the Canvas is another great farewell album filled with a little remorse and a lot of optimism for the future.

The Joy FormidableThe Big Roar proved to a breakout
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It’s Evolution, Baby

by J Frazzetta December 6th, 2011| Music Opinions, Retail Music
A few weeks ago my colleague Jason wrote about the change in MP3 technology.  I’m taking a different approach and writing about a change in technology in general.

Last March for my birthday, I decided to update myself with a new MP3 player.  Notice I didn’t say "an iThing" --  as a staunch Windows user, the only way I’ll endorse an Apple product is to win one or be given one as a gift.  My research led me to the Zune and I’m glad I made the choice.  Easy to use, colorful, handles HD radio, has a touch screen
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Nat and Alex Wolff, Black Sheep, 2011

by J Frazzetta December 2nd, 2011| Album Review, Emerging Artists, Music Opinions
My motto, for the past eight years, has been: I’ll give it a spin once because it can’t kill me, right?  When the opportunity came to review something that was genuine twee-pop, I had to research The Naked Brothers Band for some background, I said "oh what the hell" and gave these brothers a fair chance.  For a few boys that started young, crafting songs by themselves, then on to Nickelodeon, they seem to have come a long way.

Right off the bat, what I liked about this album is that these boys seem to be singing from their hearts and
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Lulu is the Worst Album Ever Made

by Jason Lightner November 29th, 2011| Album Review, Music Opinions
Metallica, Metallica, Metallica... What have you done? You've taken a perfectly good album full of music and ruined it by allowing Lou Reed to put his abrasive voice and nonsensical lyrics over it. For shame.

I suppose I shouldn't knock Metallica that hard – let's face it – they're getting up in their years and have probably developed a touch of dementia. After nearly going broke from the costs of their lawyers during the litigation against Napster, Metallica fell on hard times. They had to endure endless ridicule from their former fans, then in 2001 struggle to find a new
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Foo Fighters, TD Garden, 11/16/11

by J Frazzetta November 25th, 2011| Concert Review, Music Opinions
Dave Grohl: drummer, guitarist, band leader, father and auctioneer.  Early in the set last Wednesday, Dave greeted the sold-out Boston crowd by auctioning off the length of their headlining set. “Do I hear two hours, two hours 15 minutes, two hours 30 minutes, two hours and45; how about three hours?”  Anyone that has been following the band on this recent tour might know the guys have been knocking out near three-hour nights every time they play, and this was no exception.

Breaking right into "Bridge Burning" and "Rope", the tone was set for the evening to be filled with speed,
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Mercies @ Baltimore Free Farm, 2011.11.18

by Jason Lightner November 22nd, 2011| Concert Review, Independent Artists, Music Opinions
Another weekend, another local show. This time there's a twist – hippies!

The Baltimore Free Farm is a local nonprofit that is dedicated to community-building, recycling, ethical food, and patchouli. They also happen to run rock shows every now and then. On this day, I was there to see Neutron Bomb, Mercies, Ahab's Revenge, and rioLinda. I've written about a few of these guys before, so I can probably spare you a few of the details. Here we go...

I strolled into the place, not quite knowing what to expect. It's located in the hipster capitol
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Ditching That Lossy Audio

by Jason Lightner November 16th, 2011| Music Opinions
Back in the day, we used to listen to vinyl and 8-track tapes. Soon after, our music was delivered on compact cassette tapes, then CDs. For a time, there were Super Audio CDs and even DVD-Audio. These are only physical media formats, mind you. This doesn't take into account the evolution of digital media formats over the years from MIDI to low-fidelity WAV files, to RealMedia, to MP3, M4A, and the various lossless formats. Changing in step with all of these different formats is the quality and clarity of the audio.

I began listening to music on vinyl and cassette
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Girls, Father Son Holy Ghost, 2011

by J Frazzetta November 11th, 2011| Album Review, Music Opinions
One of my biggest complaints about so many up and coming artists is their lack of history.  I should preface by saying that as of this writing I am 28 years old; however, I grew up listening to Golden Oldies and adult contemporary radio in the old station wagon.  I’m familiar with Motown, R&B, classic guitar pop, right up to 80’s synthesizer hits and cheesy 90’s pop.  Many new artists somehow believe that what they are laying down is "fresh" and has ‘"never been done", but if you dig deep enough, or listen to Mr. Bungle, chances are someone
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