Kids Nowadays: Hardcore Dancing

by Jason Lightner September 23rd, 2010 | Music Opinions, Punk, Rock
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So about a week ago during my normal 9-5, I’m discussing music with a co-worker and I said something I never thought I would say without it being a joke: “I just don’t understand kids these days.” I was mortified. Clearly I had just had a lapse in thought or some kind of Tourette’s that makes me say things I don’t mean. But no, there I was, being the guy I told myself I’d never be. I had always said that I wouldn’t be like other older folks and that I wouldn’t get stuck in my ways musically. I said I’d always keep my ear to the ground and give everything a fair shake. Apparently I am not good at keeping promises to myself.

The subject we were discussing was hardcore dancing, an offshoot of moshing which is performed during hardcore punk/rock shows. Similar to moshing in that there is a (usually) large group of people knocking into each other, hardcore dancing differs in that instead of simply bouncing around, there are actual “moves” to be performed. The most common moves involve flailing one’s arms wildly either forward or backward, and can also incorporate various kicks and/or flips. This is done within a group and often times folks will get knocked around. Most of the time this is done in good-faith and no one is out to hurt anybody, but there are also instances of this dancing where the goal is to actively cause carnage.

Let me state one thing for the record: I love rock and metal and I can get down with moshing. However, hardcore dancing is, to me, pointless. I don’t see the point in performing fighting moves to the beat of a song, much less actually fighting to the beat of a song. I’d rather bounce around or headbang, or perhaps just enjoy the song. To me, moshing was never an aggressive sort of dance (if you can call it that). It was always something done to show that the music kicked ass and we really dug it.

In all the silliness I saw while watching YouTube videos of kids hardcore dancing, there was one thing that caught my eye at those shows: The Wall of Death. Rather than attempt to explain it, I’ll leave you with a link to a short video of it and a final thought.

This is something I could get down with.

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  1. Still looks like a whole lotta not-fun.

  2. J Frazzetta says:

    I’ve seen Killswitch Engage live a few times, and I came too close for comfort with hardcore dancing. The last time I saw them, Lamb of God was an opener and the crowd performed the ‘Wall of Death’. Until that point, my friend and I thought it was a myth but to see it actually happen was nuts. I’m all for jumping at shows, pushing folks or throwing bbq sauce in the crowd, but hardcore dancing is pretty stupid.

  3. TK says:

    What is not to love about a large group of sweaty people jumping all over each other.

  4. HardcoreMan187 says:

    First off, Hardcore Dancing has been around since late 70’s/early 80’s so the title “kids nowadays” is very ignorant to the Underground scene. Just because you haven’t heard of Hardcore until now or it hasn’t been popularized until recent years, doesn’t mean it didn’t exist before. Secondly, you stated Hardcore dancing is performed at “Hardcore Punk/Rock shows” which is an epic fail because “Hardcore”, “Punk”, and “Rock” are all different genres of music as well as “Metal” and Hardcore dancing is NOT performed at Punk or Rock shows, which makes your statement totally illogical. Also, I’m 28 years old, been into Hardcore for over 10 years, and I’m far from being a kid. Make sure you know what the fuck you’re talking about before you bash on something you know nothing about, you ignoramus dumb shit! By the way, metal and rock is for pussies that would get they’re asses handed to them at a REAL Hardcore show!

  5. J Frazzetta says:

    Dear HardcoreMan187, I can envision your future in 10 years, or 10 months: you’ll be one of those guys at the metal/hardcore/punk/rock show that stands in the back drinking a beer, unless your straight edge then a soda, with long hair, saggy tattoos chanting along to guys half your age while trying to reclaim the glory days of youth while you slam/hardcore/mosh in a pit with kids that think you are far too sweaty to be at the show. Grow up dude and I know you’re a punk rock kid because of your elitist attitude.

  6. HardcoreMan187 says:

    Dear J Frazzetta, I dig this comment you left about me and I can somewhat understand how you can get that impression of me but there are a few things that are inaccurate in your description of me. 1. I do not have long hair. 2. I do not have tattoos(I’m probably one of the few Hardcore kids without tattoos, just never got into tattoos) But, you’re right about me having a beer in the back of the venue. I’m not straight edge but I love straight edge Hardcore bands, I have friends who are edge, and I respect edge as long as they respect me. I’d like to take back that last sentence on my last post which might have lead you to believe I’m elitist but am not as I listen to all types of music including Rock, Punk, and Metal but Hardcore is where my heart’s at because I feel can relate to the music, culture, and scene more than any other scene. So, I just wanna say much love to music in general, just be sure you know what your talking about when it comes to different genres of music and you won’t have a problem with me. Cheers!

  7. The Quill Pig says:

    (Scoffs) Kids nowadays…well, the majority of them… except for me… Are too consumed by Rap, Pop, And Hip-Hop music that they won’t try listening to anything else like Rock, Punk, Metal, Alternative, etc. The youth of America today have their heads stuck so far in the sand that they have biased all kinds of Rock ‘n’ Roll as “screaming”… Ya wanna know how I know? “Because i’m just caught up in all the cattle”… At my old school they told me “Rock is dumb” or asked “why do you like listening to screaming?” And I just say “Keep your cheap comments ’cause I know how I feel” I know this may just be the ramblings of a tired Punk but, Rock is rapidly going extinct and we need a savior… Now in the words of AC/DC “For those about to Rock we salute you.”

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