Mugshot, Black Brimmer, Manchester, NH, 5/25/10

by J Frazzetta June 3rd, 2010 | Concert Review
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Cheap beer, no cover charge, and watching a friend’s band is the recipe for getting me out on a Tuesday night.  A local Manchester publication was hosting a Battle of the Bands that turned south when several groups dropped out.  However, Mugshot played a solid set of cover tunes that would baffle some and bring many to dance.

Mugshot has been making a name for themselves in Manchester and the surrounding area as an eclectic live cover band.  A lot of cover bands stick with one genre, artist, or style and assume the image that is associated with said genre, artist or style.  This is not the case for Mugshot, opening with ‘Take Me Out’ and mixing in the chorus of ‘Give It Away’, these boys bring their own style to familiar favorites.

Fronted by Brien Sweet, vocalist, soundman, guitarist and theremin player, he gives each song his own signature vocal styling.  Patrick Crozier can be seen on guitar or keys blending riffs with ease.  The duo of Jimmy Z on bass and Jon Chartier on drums provides a perfect rhythm prescription moving from songs like ‘Use Somebody’ to ‘Whip It’.

Aside from the above I mentioned  songs they also played: ‘Paralyzer’, ‘Are You Gonna Go My Way?’, ‘Love Song’, a funky version of ‘Closer’ complete with theremin, ‘Amber’, ‘Bad Fish’, ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ and ‘Ballroom Blitz’.  You have to hand it to a band that has fun on stage while adding some spice to old favorites.  The crowd was excited and sang in appreciation of hearing songs they recognized and a few people even danced.

The boys play Manchester regularly.  You can check their website for more song information or show dates or to contact them.

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