Nero: Kings of UK Dubstep

by Jason Lightner February 28th, 2012 | Artist Review, Emerging Artists
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Seeing the positive feedback I received about last week’s dubstep column, I figured it would be appropriate to fan the flames a little bit and talk about a London drum and bass duo called Nero.

Nero is one of the acts I mentioned in my article last week, and for good reason. The duo’s melodic symphonies of drum and bass, coupled with the enchanting vocals of Alana Watson have merged to form the perfect recipe for success and great music. It’s no wonder  their 2011 debut album, Welcome Reality, hit number 1 on the UK Albums Chart during its debut.

Now, if you want to talk Nero’s full discography, you’re looking at a short-yet-robust list, beginning in 2010 with the single “Innocence / Electron“, the music video for which was posted to YouTube before the single’s actual release. This song is the epitome of Nero’s music. Instead of opting for the continual sensory assault of waveforms, samples and bass that artists like Skrillex use, Nero instead opts for plodding bass lines, fitted with ambient and flighty whirlwinds of sound amidst electronic distortion to keep the pace. This is then blended seamlessly with periodic vocals to create a sound that is more reminiscent of Daft Punk than most modern dubstep artists.

Welcome Reality was released on August 12, 2011 to generally favorable reviews which saw the album receive a 7/10 from Spin magazine. The album has spawned seven singles, including “Innocence”, “Guilt“, and “Promises“. Nearly all of the singles from the debut album were actually singles from previous releases. The group’s latest single, “Must Be The Feeling” is the only single not from a previous release. A fun song, “Must Be The Feeling” makes for great background noise on a windy drive in great weather.

Can you tell I’m over winter?

If you’ve got a gift card burning a hole in your pocket, and you want to experience some really cool tunes, you’d do well to spend your money on a few singles from Nero.

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