Sin 4 Sin Rocks Baltimore’s Cradle

by Jason Lightner March 4th, 2011 | Artist Review, Emerging Artists, Independent Artists, Music Opinions, Rock
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I had the opportunity to see (and drink with) one of the coolest emerging bands in Baltimore recently. Sin 4 Sin is an 80’s style hard rock group based out of Baltimore, Maryland and they rock pretty damn hard. Reminiscent of superband Skid Row, Sin 4 Sin combines hard-hitting guitar and raunchy vocals with an 80’s rock flair to bring audiences something they haven’t had for some time now. Their EP, Seven Deadly will be released this June. Meanwhile, fans can sink their teeth into the tracks offered on their Facebook and Myspace pages. Incidentally, one track is available for purchase at the moment through iTunes. “Murderland” is Sin 4 Sin’s Baltimore anthem, wailing about the dangers of Baltimore City streets. Lead singer Brandon Hayden sings “B’more careful” while Chainsaw delivers the drums as it builds to the finale of the song, which sees the whole band as a unit absolutely shredding it.

As far as their EP goes, for the tracks that are available through the social networking sites, I would say to give them a listen if you can. If you get the chance to see them live, however, do not pass it up. These guys kick massive amounts of ass live. Their lead guitarist, Chuck Stilletto, hits the guitar solos like nobody’s business and the band’s charisma and showmanship were easily the best of the night (February 11, Sinix in Essex– Yes, Essex. Thank you very much). My favorite song is easily “I Quit Drinking (Again).”

I’m not giving them a glowing review because Hayden bought me a shot of whiskey, mind you. That’s beside the point because I would’ve done the same for him because he rocked so hard. Watching them on stage, you can tell that these guys are into what they’re doing and if they keep it up, they may have a really great thing on their hands. For now, though, they have a good thing going and I encourage them to keep it up. This is all for selfish reasons, of course, because I need more 80’s rock revival bands in my life, dammit, and these dudes deliver.

And seriously, who doesn’t need more 80’s hard rock in their lives?

Put those frickin’ hands down, you turds.

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