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Weezer, Hampton Beach, 7/8/13

by J Frazzetta July 16th, 2013| Concert Review
weezer concertThe moon was shining on the beach that night and I got a chance to see it after Weezer brought their energetic brand of rock to New Hampshire’s coast.  When it comes to seeing a show on a Monday, I avoid them at all costs but it was tough for me to pass up one of my favorite groups at such an intimate location about 45 minutes from where I live.  All signs pointed to me checking out this show, Avid Reader, and it was a lot of fun.  For the month of July, Rivers, Pat, Scott and Brian will be
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Foo Fighters: Establishment of Rock

by Jason Lightner July 15th, 2013| Artist Review, Featured Artist
iyhAfter a decade of showing the world how to do great rock music, Dave Grohl thought it best to break new ground with the Foo Fighters' next album. At a time when the group was arguably at the height of their run, this was as good a time as any.

In Your Honor

Released as a double album in 2005, In Your Honor featured a selection of hard rock songs in addition to a selection of acoustic tracks. The aggressive punch of the first disc, combined with lyrical themes of observation and expression, made for a more accessible sound
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She & Him, Volume 3, 2013

by J Frazzetta June 28th, 2013| Album Review
s n h v3Just in time for summer weather, the latest installment from Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward, or She & Him, is out and it harkens back to the days of AM Gold Radio.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, Avid Reader, and for this duo I’m glad they stick with the same formula.  I will admit that after hearing their first album part of me felt they were some kind of novelty nostalgia act, but their second release proved to have more chops and this one seems to have some muscle behind it too.

At first listen you might
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The Postal Service, Mann Center, 6/18/13

by Jason Lightner June 25th, 2013| Concert Review
thepostalservice_manncenterThe evening began rather quietly. The crowd, spanning a wide range of ages and folks from all walks of life, shuffled through the front gates of Philadelphia's Mann Center for the Performing Arts in orderly fashion. Seated in the terrace, I felt like I was miles away from the stage. As luck would have it, however, there was a rather large display situated at my 1 o'clock which, along with a steady stream of Yeungling Lager, kept me company throughout the night.

The Postal Service may have but one album to their name, but their influence on the
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The Meat Puppets

by J Frazzetta June 21st, 2013| Album Review
rfWhen some folks like to talk about the early 80’s hardcore scene you’ll hear Husker Du, Black Flag, the Minutemen or the Replacements being thrown around; however, the Meat Puppets are often removed from the picture.  True, they were on one of the first punk/hardcore labels of the time, SST, but their sound was much more sonic than their punk brethren.  The notion with punk rock, Avid Reader, is that it needs to be fast, bratty and anti-establishment to be considered punk.  Well what happens if you mix country, folk, psychedelica and then add punk?  Hailing from Arizona the
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Keepin’ People Calm

by J Frazzetta June 18th, 2013| Artist Review, Featured Artist
ratm 3Summer 1999 was a long time ago but I still have vivid memories of going to see The Matrix on a Saturday afternoon with a friend.  You’d hate to sit next to me in movies, Avid Reader, since I like to talk or make comments throughout, but I can remember sitting silent during the entire movie.  I was 16, had my license, a job for the summer and nothing could stop me.  The final scene of the movie was my favorite: as Neo tells the audience on the other end of the phone to free their minds, hangs
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Surfer Blood, Pythons, 2013

by J Frazzetta June 17th, 2013| Album Review
sbIn early 2010 I picked up Astro Coast and was taken in by the guitar melodies, sophomoric lyrics and overall light vibe of Surfer Blood.  Then they opened for the Pixies, which was fantastic, and now they have returned with a proper second album.  There was an EP in there, I didn’t tell you about it, Avid Reader, but Tarot Classics wasn’t bad and is worth checking out in the future.  Partnering up with producer Gil Norton, this Florida four-piece is back with a more mature sound.

For those of you that don’t pay attention to these things
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Creed Bratton, Tell Me About It, 2013

by J Frazzetta June 14th, 2013| Album Review
tmaiI know what you’re thinking, Avid Reader, and yes this is the same Creed Bratton from The Office.  For nine years he played a rather strange character on a rather strange sitcom but no matter what, I always loved the lines he had on that show.  Throughout the series there was always mention of Creed’s background being in a band and most of that was true.  During the 60’s he was a part of The Grass Roots for this song and you can see him as the striped guitar player here; crazy right?  Since then he’s worked
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Chris Gordon — The Summer Circuit

by Jason Lightner May 21st, 2013| Album Review
tscoglI've been listening to a lot of self-produced music lately and there's one I'd like to share with you that I feel really deserves some attention due to its delightful sound and artful presentation.

The Summer Circuit is a 9-track offering by Philadelphia's own Chris Gordon, a brilliant young musician who possesses a quiet enthusiasm and passion for the act of audible artistry. Whether it's electronic or acoustic, Gordon has demonstrated a willingness and ability with his music to both entertain and charm.

Released last year, The Summer Circuit draws inspiration from Gordon's life events and a personal struggle. The
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Nice Haircut

by J Frazzetta May 20th, 2013| Artist Review, Featured Artist
kings ticket etcWhen the fall dates were announced for the impending tour to support Because of the Times, I grabbed a pair of tickets to see Kings of Leon make a stop at the Orpheum in Boston.  I had never been to the storied venue before and the fall of 2007 would have me there two more times in the span of three months; feast or famine I guess.  When I think about concerts that I have bought tickets for and then have to live with the anticipation for a few months, this one is very high on my list. 
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Mudhoney, Paradise, 5/10/13

by J Frazzetta May 13th, 2013| Concert Review
mhSweat, beer, body odor and sweat.  By some strange luck my buddy and I managed to stand dead center at the stage for Mudhoney’s 70+ minute set and by the end of the night I had beer on my pant legs, someone else’s sweat on my shirt and I smelled of worse BO than when I entered.  These are all signs that you went to a small club and had a hell of time, Avid Reader, so make note.  This show was down and dirty which is true to form of Mudhoney.

Granted, the guys in the band are older
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Macklemore @ MIT SpringFest 4/26/2013

by Louise April 30th, 2013| Concert Review
boston night2013's SpringFest at MIT featured Macklemore and Ryan Lewis as its main act. Unlike those for concerts in many years prior, this year's 3,750 tickets sold out (and in a heartbeat).

Doors opened at 6:30 PM for the 8 PM show, and plenty of faux-fur clad people had lined up early on to claim their standing-room in the front "rows". My friends and I made it inside the venue by around 8:20 PM. The opening act, Ra Ra Riot, was still performing. I thought they put on a good show. Their lead singer, Wes Miles, definitely knows how to use his falsetto. By
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